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Sleep is Possible

It's hard to live with RLS. The symptoms can be debilitating and exhausting, affecting you day and night. But rest is possible with The Tamer: a revolutionary and simple solution to help rid you of your restless legs and sleepless nights. The Tamer is the first wearable solution proven to reduce the frequency and severity of restless legs symptoms without medication or technology.

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A drug-free solution to Restless Legs
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Meet Buzz

The Inventor of the Restful Legz Tamer

How it works

The Tamer is a drug-free approach to relieving your Restless Legs Syndrome.

The Tamer is a drug-free approach to relieving your Restless Legs Syndrome.

Restful Reviews

"The first night I used the RLS Tamer, I had immediate relief and could sleep through the night. I was able to cut my meds in half within a week. Despite its almost too simple concept, the RLS Tamer is a powerful tool that I am grateful for."

Debbie Schwarz

"I have represented this to multiple patients over the last 18 months, and without exception, they have seen significant improvement with Restless Leg Syndrome."

Dr. Channing Finkbeiner

“The leg wraps that you have invented work, and they work well! I cannot believe how much of a difference they have made in my life. Not only did I wake up feeling more rested, but my husband also said I had kept my legs still all night long. Amazing.” 


The first night I was amazed, I slept all night long. The next night I tried them again and they worked again. I have been using them faithfully for two weeks now and every night I am sleeping.

Scott B.

Restful Legz

Founder and inventor Buzz Lynds suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for years, and he tried everything. Medication wasn’t a sustainable solution for him, and he couldn’t take another restless night.

Grabbing his calf one restless night, he experienced immediate relief, giving him an idea. Buzz believed he could replicate that hold with some light, tactile stimulation interrupting the idiopathic nerve signals that cause leg restlessness and, finally, get some rest. And the Tamer was born.

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