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RLS and Your Partner

I Don't Want to Sleep with You

When someone is suffering from RLS, the one with the disease bears the terrible health risks of insufficient sleep, mental distress, and medical remedies' side effects. However, most sufferers of RLS do experience PLMD so their sleeping partner does have a disruption in their sleep as well, so as a unit, they are both victims.

On the other hand, most who suffer from PLMD do not experience the symptoms of RLS, so sleeping is usually not a problem. Still, their sleeping partner suffers the nightly battering and the mental distress of knowing what every night will bring.

Historically, meds have been the primary course of treatment for both maladies, so their side effects also affect the unit's relationship, overtly or covertly.

There was a young couple I met years ago who were newly married at the time. He had PLMD so bad they couldn't sleep together, not a good start to a marriage. I had the opportunity to introduce them to a new therapy at that time, a simple wearable device, a leg wrap if you will. I received an email from him within the month saying, "You have very likely saved our marriage; we can finally sleep together because of the Tamer".

Another RLS and PLMD concurrent example was when a co-worker heard about my Tamer idea. She was one of the first to test my therapy. She and her husband hadn't slept together in years because she kicked nocturnally so severely she wore her sheets out monthly! She sent me a picture of her sheets. She had been on RLS meds for some time and still couldn't control either her RLS or PLMD sufficiently. Over the first month of her trying the Tamer she kept a record of progress and questions. I hadn't much experience with the Tamer myself at that time either.

After many months, she casually informed me that she hadn't had to buy new sheets since using the Tamers. And hubby was finally able to spend the night with her.

The physical and emotional consequences of both diseases are very real. The effects of years of using the medications are very real.

The benefits of an effective, safe, non-drug alternative solution contribute to a much better quality of lifeā€¦ especially when you can sleep with your partner and both of you can get good sleep.