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Created one Restless Night

Founder and inventor Buzz Lynds suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for years, and he tried everything. Medication wasn’t a sustainable solution for him, and he couldn’t take another restless night.

Grabbing his calf one restless night, he experienced immediate relief, giving him an idea. Buzz believed he could replicate that hold with some light, tactile stimulation interrupting the idiopathic nerve signals that cause leg restlessness and, finally, get some rest.

Buzz started looking for something in his home workshop to simulate that feeling. Within a week, he partnered up with a company that allowed him to utilize unique materials. The following week, he had a functioning prototype and the Tamer was born.

The Tamer has been tested in a 30-month trial for restless legs sufferers and observed by local doctors. The overall consensus of that supervised trail found that users were able to reduce and even eliminate the medications they had been taking in an attempt to cease the acute symptoms of RL.