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How do I get a proper fit?

When you first fit your Tamers, the top narrower band should be only tight enough to keep the things from turning and sliding down.

1. Each of the four wider bands needs to be loose enough to fit two fingers between your leg and the band. They need to be able to move and gently brush across your calves and will with the slightest movement. It's counterintuitive, but it's the key to maximum effectiveness.

2. Once fit, the Tamer can be easily slid off and on. However, you will need to use them on the same leg every time because each leg is slightly different (and remember, fasteners should point forward on the outside of each calf).

3. After exercising, your calves may swell a little, and you may need to loosen a band or two. Not a problem. The hook tab fasteners make it easy to adjust, and if needed, the fasteners may be trimmed narrower with scissors for comfort.

When and where should I wear my Tamers?

Restful Legz may be worn anytime your legs feel antsy.

You can wear them in the evenings sometimes if your legs begin to bother you, all night for restful sleep, or while traveling.

Buzz wore his Restful Legz for more than 24 hours straight under slacks when flying to Europe with no discomfort the entire way there and back.

How long will it take to see relief?

It may take up to a month to realize the full effectiveness of the devices, although many see a marked improvement within days of beginning use.

Do I need to wear them all night?

Yes! We recommend wearing the Tamers all night but realize it may take a few nights to get accustomed to something wrapped around your leg. Stick with it. It will soon become like a security blanket you look forward to.

After you have worn the Restful Legz for some time, your leg restlessness may begin to abate. At this time, you may try beginning by wearing the devices sluffed down around your ankles and only pull them up if the symptoms start to bother you.

How do I clean my Tamers?

The Tamer can be laundered regularly, but we recommend placing them in a small mesh bag to keep the hook fasteners from catching on other clothing.

NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENERS! They will delaminate the materials.